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Yeşer Eren Hakkinda

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Yeşer Eren Hakkinda
It was 10 years ago when I was first introduced the world of spiritualism by one of my best friends and also yoga teacher called Şerife Karahançer. Three years ago, I was throughly into this world when I was invited to a training course called Ra-She-Ba(with Duran Türkoğlu ) by my best friend Canan Eren M., organised by my another best friend Burcu Molu with quite a good reason (everything has a reason ). The breathing exercises I experienced with my friend and breathing therapist Gülay Ürel, also planted the seeds of trust in my field. Besides, the training courses called Basic DNA & Rainbow Children given by my friend and trainer Sibel Kavunoğlu have been the best stops in my journey. I would like to thank my beloved teacher Duran Türkoğlu for the training course called Quantum Touch which helped my celluar healing tool to improve. I also would like to thank my numorous volunteer clients who believed in me and accepted to work with me through this tool. I am really greatful to my inspriation fairies Deniz Aykol, Merve Bulut, Oluş Molu for their support, to Dilek geçer for redecorating my home-office and to Göknur Arslan for designing the logo of Cellular Healing™.
Ezoterism, breathing, meditation, cellular healing, yoga


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