Epoxy Prepreg Impregnation Line Main Processing As Following:
Raw paper roller → unwinder → tractor → pre-wetting → penetration → impregnation → doctor roller → smoothing roller → dryer → cooler → web aligner → paper tractor with big cooling drum unit→ cutter → conveyor → stacking lifter.

Impregnation material: phenolic resin, melamine resin, urea glue
Main product: decorative paper、prepreg epoxy p paper, balance paper, insulating paper
Applicable products: veneering of MDF furniture board, decorative paper of HPL sheets, veneering of cement template, laminated flooring, CCL impregnated paper for CEM2 and CEM3

CCL Prepreg Impregnation Line Technical Parameters
Working width/Printed paper width1300(DP1500A 4)
1500(DP1800A 5)
1850(DP2000A 6)
2450(DP2700A 8)
Mechanical speed0m/min-80m/min
Gluing quantity/glue pick-up35%-150%
Heating source liquid/mediaThermal oil boiler
Heat capacity/consumption300 000kcal/h(DP1500A 4)
400 000kcal/h (DP1800A 5)
550 000kcal/h (DP2000A 6)
650 000kcal/h (DP2350A7)
750 000kcal/h (DP2700A 8)
Power supply380V 50Hz 410/440V 50/60Hz
Install capacity~35Kw (DP1500A 4)
~50Kw (DP1800A 5)
~65Kw (DP2000A 6)
~85Kw(DP2700A 8)
Copper Clad Laminate Impregnation Line Application
Usage: CCL (copper clad laminate) , insulation material
Raw material: 7628,2116,1080 etc. electronic glass cloth, glass mat and paper
Product: FR-4, CEM-1, CEM-3 etc. prepreg.

Prepreg Impregnation Line Detail
Original: Jiangsu, China
Certification: ISO9001,CE, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 etc
Price: Negotiable
Material: Q235B
Voltage: 380V 50Hz, the voltage can be as local demand
Payment term: TT, LC
Delivery date: Negotiable
Packing: export standard
Market: Middle East/ Africa/Asia/South America/Europe/North America
Warranty: 1 year
MOQ: 1 set

CCL Prepreg Impregnation Line Characteristics
1. The system use advanced impregnation technology, with high precision metering roller and mesh roller, it can precisely control the glue quantity/glue pick-up, gluing uniform and continuous adjusted.
2. The transmission roller and the heat fan are controlled by high efficiency and energy-saving inverter, Low energy consumption, stable synchronous speed and low breaking rate;
3. Use RS422 and RS485 technology to realize HMI (touch screen), PLC and communication control of inverter, instead of traditional AC control, greatly improved the digitization of whole machine, with good performance and ensure the stability of system operating.
4. Industrial modular design, simple HMI, rich prompting information of
5. Coding technical is used on cutter system, high precision and good accuracy.
6. High precision PID is used to control the temperature of dryer.
7. Online adjust the synchronization rate and system parameters.
8. Searching and statistical production reports of day/month/year.
9. Gas direct burner apply high effect heating, low energy consumption.
10. Online anti-counterfeiting printing system.
11. Synchronization paper cut with online accuracy adjustment.
12. High speed coding system with air driven sheet cut.

Company Information
We can supply the artificial board decoration material impregnation machines, insulation material impregnation machines and auxiliary equipment such as exhaust air burning stove, boiler, glue making system and glue mixing system etc. The artificial board decoration material impregnation machines are mainly used for producing the impregnated paper such as decorative paper, grainy paper, balance paper, kraft paper and overlay paper for furniture board, concrete forming panels, bamboo plywood, laminate flooring board and high pressure laminate board. The insulation material impregnation machines are used for producing the base material for CCL(copper-clad laminate) of PCB industry such as the paper, cloth, compound etc. insulation material.

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Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Package of aluminum honeycomb hot press decides to customer
Delivery Time :30 days after payments

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